The Grotto (6.5% ABV)

Style: India Pale Ale

Experience: Find your hidden wonderland...

We all have a Grotto – a hidden wonderland where we retreat in selfish self-discovery to reflect and bask in life’s simpler pleasures. Here’s a beer for that private indulgent experience. The Grotto IPA boasts juicy flavors and aromas straight out of a tropical paradise – fruity American hops complement a smooth, light body.

Ocean State Lager (4.8% ABV)

Style: Lager

Experience: Taste New England's next great lager...

This bold, crisp lager is brewed in homage to the great state of Rhode Island. With an extended cold fermentation, we’ve taken careful consideration to preserve the beer’s delicate nature. Ocean State Lager has a soft and subtle malt profile balanced with a refreshing hop flavor.

The Depths (8% ABV)

Style: Double India Pale Ale

Experience: Mystery and fortune await you...

A sibling of The Grotto IPA, this double India pale ale showcases the aggressive aromatics and bold flavors yielded from fresh lupulin powder, added in healthy doses throughout the brewing process. This 8% ABV treasure is backed by a healthy grain bill featuring a selection of soft, light malts.

Vango (5% ABV)

Style: Hoppy Sour Ale

Experience: Go out and find your own adventure...

What is Vango? It’s your undiscovered adventure. A future memory, journey, or story yet to be told. Brewed with light malts and dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, this kettle sour ale is suitable for any occasion. The beer delivers a thirst–quenching tanginess that is refreshing yet complex.

Pineapple Vango (5% ABV)

Style: Hoppy Sour Ale

Experience: Go out and find your own pineapple adventure...

It’s your undiscovered adventure…now with pineapple! A future memory, journey, or story yet to be told. Brewed with light malts and dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, this kettle sour ale is suitable for any occasion. The beer delivers a thirst–quenching tanginess that is refreshing yet complex and bursting with pineapple.

Irish Rhode (7.5% ABV)

Style: Barrel-Aged Imperial Irish Red

An imperial Irish red ale aged in Jameson® Irish Whiskey casks, Irish Rhode is bursting with complex malt and whiskey notes, backed by a beautiful dark crimson hue and a full body. This barrel-aged beer is one of a kind and celebrates the friendship and camaraderie of these two Irish and Rhode Island Drinking Buddies.

Backyahd (6% ABV)

Style: India Pale Ale

Experience: Guaranteed to deliver an unspoken zen with a spatula in your other hand...

The ultimate suburban brew, Backyahd is an aggressively hopped American IPA with a tantalizing hop aroma. The beer’s bitterness pairs perfectly with spicy foods coming straight off the grill. Enjoy it with friends, family, or whomever you choose. After all, it’s your Backyahd.

Barstool (4.5% ABV)

Style: American Golden Ale

Experience: You’re bellied up to the bar with your buddies at the local watering hole...

Not too malty, not too hoppy, Barstool is designed for a night out with your friends. Our flagship beer is handcrafted with the freshest ingredients, including two-row barley and specialty malts. A blend of English and Czech hops top off this delicious golden ale, which can be enjoyed for hours on end.

Raincloud (6.5% ABV)

Style: Robust Porter

Experience: It’s pouring outside, so pour yourself something inside...

Raincloud is the perfect “stay at home” brew. Dark, smooth, mysterious—this rich and flavorful porter is brewed with chocolate and crystal malts and a subtle blend of European hops. Raincloud is the ideal accompaniment for a lazy day of movie watching or reading.

La Ferme Urbaine (7.8% ABV)

Style: Farmhouse Ale

Experience: The workday is done, and it's time to unwind...

notecard_LFULa Ferme Urbaine (LFU) is our unique take on a farmhouse ale. Influenced by the Belgian saison style, LFU features a complex blend of German hops, pilsener and pale malts, wheat, rye, oats, and spelt. The beer pours a hazy straw color and delivers a spicy, dry finish. So raise a glass and enjoy!

Shuckolate (6% ABV)

Style: Chocolate-Oyster Stout

Experience: Best enjoyed with somebody special...

Shuckolate is our first collaborative beer. We’ve partnered with local food artisans, Walrus & Carpenter Oysters and Garrison Chocolates. This limited-release stout incorporates two natural aphrodisiacs that lend a creamy silk mouthfeel, slight brininess, and chocolate flavors and aromatics.

Forecast Chapter 4 (5.5% ABV)

Style: Black India Pale Lager

Experience: A hoppy black lager well suited for a winter forecast...

Our latest iteration of Forecast is a dry-hopped black India pale lager brewed with American hops and roasted caramel malts. The beer’s clean lager taste is bolstered by a fruity hop profile and hearty malt bill…

Queen of the Yahd (5.2% ABV)

Style: Raspberry India Pale Ale

Experience: Crack one open and treat yourself like royalty...

Queen is a truly unique IPA brewed with real raspberry. We dumped a stupid amount of American hops into this beer, giving the Queen a gorgeous bouquet of tropical fruit that is complemented by a subtle tartness from raspberry purée. This is a refreshing, delicious, and totally crushable IPA.

Augtoberfest (6% ABV)

Style: Festbier

Experience: Celebrate the height of summer and impending arrival of fall...

notecard_LFUThis festbier is a celebration of Foolproof’s annual Augtoberfest festival, which we host at our brewery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Augtoberfest is brewed with caramel and Munich malt as well as American hops and is fermented cool to produce a clean, refreshing flavor. Prost!

Peanut Butter Raincloud (5.4% ABV)

Style: Peanut Butter Porter

Experience: For when it rains so much, you need peanut butter in your beer...

Sometimes the rain can drive you nuts, so you might as well have some in your beer. With that, we are proud to introduce Peanut Butter Raincloud, a unique and flavorful adaptation of our popular Raincloud robust porter. Raise a glass to the miracle that is peanut butter porter.

Federal Hill Ale (5% ABV)

Style: Pale Ale

Experience: Celebrate the history, flavors, and spirit of Federal Hill...

A collaboration with famous Federal Hill chef Walter Potenza, this unique pale ale is brewed with blood oranges and saffron, two of Potenza’s favorite cooking ingredients. The beer is dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra, creating complementary citrus and tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

Revery (9% ABV)

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Experience: A dark, malty escape...

FOOLPROOF_REVERYWe put together an insane malt bill for Revery – two row, Maris Otter, Crystal 40, Carafa, roasted barley, chocolate malt, and flaked oats combine to make Revery incredibly smooth and rich while boasting a high alcohol content. A delicate blend of Northern Brewer, Tettnanger, and Hallertau hops round out this masterpiece.

Vanilla Espresso Raincloud (6% ABV)

Style: Vanilla Espresso Porter

Experience: A new solution for your rainy day...

We’ve brewed a rich, malty porter and blended in whole vanilla beans and espresso-ground coffee to create a beautiful marriage of flavors that is the perfect remedy to a dreary day. Vanilla Espresso Raincloud was brewed in limited quantity, so grab a can while it lasts!

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