At Foolproof, we think about beer a bit differently. To us, beer is not just an alcoholic beverage but an experience that should be thoroughly savored and enjoyed. That’s why when we brew each beer, we think about specific life experiences and what style of beer would be absolutely perfect for that particular occasion. That’s how we came up with the concept of “experience-based brewing.” Each of our beers serves as a tribute to a sacred beer drinking experience—whether you’re watching a baseball game, relaxing at home on a rainy day, or just catching up with friends at the local pub, Foolproof’s goal is to create a unique and fulfilling beer experience for you. Cheers! And remember, it’s Your Life. Your Beer.


Nick Garrison

President / Founder
Like most people in the brewing industry, Nick started his career as an avid homebrewer. After only a few months of making his own tasty brews and even brewing all of the beer for his own wedding, Nick quickly realized that what started as a hobby had quickly spiraled into an obsession. Determined to turn his dream of owning his own brewery into a reality, Nick set out to put  together a plan and a team. Four years later, Foolproof was born!


Damase Olsson

Damase began his brewing career after taking a course on homebrewing in Rhode Island. After many moves and many batches later, he left his lucrative career as a chemist and went to brewing school. Upon graduating, Damase became a volunteer brewer at Nashoba Valley Winery and Brewery and then accepted a full-time position at Pennichuck Brewery in Milford, New Hampshire (one of those towns where he used to homebrew many years before) and rose to the position of head brewer. He is now thoroughly ensconced back in the Ocean State as Brewmaster for Foolproof. Coincidentally, Damase is the 46th great-grandson (that is great 46 times) of Saint Arnold (Arnulf) of Metz, the Patron Saint of Brewers!

Foolproof_New Guy1

Stefano DeAngelis

Brewer / Sales Manager
Stefano, a passionate home brewer, had the opportunity to make the leap from home brewer to working at a professional brewery and has not looked back since. Bringing his passion for craft beer with him everywhere he goes, it made perfect sense for us to put him in the field as our sales manager. Don’t worry, Stefano still finds time to come to the brewery to brew an occasional batch, when he is not too busy spreading the word about Foolproof.


Steve Sharp

Foolproof got their introduction to Steve as he hoisted a keg onto his shoulder and carried it down a flight of stairs. It didn’t take long before the team realized they could use a resident strongman at the brewery. But heavy lifting isn’t his only strength; Steve has been immersed in the craft beer movement in Rhode Island from the beginning, cultivating his passion along the way. With his flowing beard and years of experience serving, sampling, and occasionally homebrewing, Steve was an ideal fit for the Brewer position. He brings his enthusiasm for craft beer (and keg tossing) to work everyday.

Bill Dillon

Packaging Manager
Bill came into Foolproof for one of the brewery’s first tours and basically never went home. A Rhode Islander through and through, he manages Foolproof’s packaging operations and regularly staffs our brewery tours and tastings. As the lead operator of our canning line, “Bender,” Bill works tirelessly tinkering with and cursing at the machine to ensure the best packaging yields possible. Bill runs on an unlimited supply of energy, passion for beer, and bad jokes. If you come in for a tour or tasting, ask him for one of his favorite “beer blends”…trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



Unofficial Mascot
Part dog, part pig, Lucy is Foolproof’s unofficial mascot. Though not technically an employee, Lucy brings a lot to the table (mostly bad gas and wrinkles).