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Stronger together - Brewing an incredible team and culture at foolproof

our story

Since 2012, Foolproof has been dedicated to crafting experiences through beer. From the Backyahd IPA to the Raincloud Porter, Foolproof brews represent some of our favorite pastimes made better by a cold beer.

The Ocean State series is our core line and an expression of the great state of Rhode Island — where we got our start. Ocean State Lager was our first exploration into this series and we've since expanded the line to include Ocean State IPA and Ocean State Amber. And we've got an awesome Ocean State Wheat in the works! Stay tuned for updates on that soon!

Our Vango series represents the creative, art-inspired side of Foolproof's exploration into fruited sours. With multiple expressions to choose from there is a fruit profile for everyone. They are well balanced, fruit forward, and made to highlight the expression of both the beer's and the fruit's profile.

"It's hard to choose between the Mango Vango or the Watermelon for me. If I had to choose only one, I'm going for the Watermelon Vango. But really, you have to try them all and see which one stands out for you." - Alexa Ragonesi, Foolproof Bridgeport

our way

At Foolproof, our philosophy for brewing is rooted in the creative pursuit for extraordinary beer. We're not afraid to take a new approach, push boundaries and find limits. At the end of the day, our teams are dedicated to delivering the best quality beer and consistently striving for improvement. Our brew team is extraordinary in their approach to crafting Foolproof's expression of any given beer.

Brewing on a 5bbl system allows our team to deliver new beers on a consistent basis. Our ultimate goal is to have something new to try every time you visit one of our taprooms. The beers we produce are an experience, crafted in the image of our favorite beer drinking moments in life. From going to the beach at Narragansett, to hiking up the Mattabesett trail, or just hanging out in the "Backyahd", Foolproof has a beer to accompany all of the greatest moments in life.

As Foolproof expands into our second location, opening in Bridgeport, Connecticut, so is our approach to brewing and service. Our focus going forward is on collaborative approaches to elevated experiences. We've partnered with Forks and Fingers to design our kitchen and culinary menus, offering a new vision on taproom food. Leaning on Executive Chef, Mark McKinley, the Foolproof culinary menu is designed to take guests on an elevated culinary experience paired with our beer, cocktails or wine.

Our People

We'd like to raise a glass to the incredible team behind every sip and smile at foolproof. Together, we're on an exhilarating journey, fueled by passion, excitement, and a shared vision of excellence. Foolproof has an exceptional team — a crew of dedicated individuals who pour their passion into every aspect of crafting the finest beer and creating unforgettable experiences for our guests. Our team's ability to collaborate and align on our values drives the innovation and excellence we all strive to deliver each day. Their commitment, enthusiasm, and expertise are the cornerstone of our success. We're not just brewing beer; we're crafting moments, and it's all thanks to the remarkable people who make up Foolproof.